Alto 15 Powered Speakers Review

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Quick Overview



  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-quality audio output
  • Class D amplification
  • Easily customized and set
  • Has balanced combo connectors
  • Great value for the price
  • Excellently pairs with a mixer


  • No speaker covers 
  • Might require additional hardware for larger venues

Audio systems have improved with the advancements in audio technology.

Whether you are a professional in audio technology or just a simple music enthusiast, it is crucial to produce the best music and sounds.

A powered speaker might be the one you need! To find out, check out our comprehensive Alto 15 Powered Speakers review.

Alto 15 Powered Speakers Review

The Alto Professional TX15 or Alto 15 is a powered public address (PA) speaker. This means it has a built-in amplifier that helps increase the intensity of sound.

This speaker is part of the TX Series Powered Speakers inspired by the Truesonic loudspeaker series. It has the same outstanding quality at a more affordable price.

The speaker was first released on the 25th of July 2014 and is currently available for purchase.

Who Is This Product For?

The Alto 15 is perfect if you’re a beginner starting a new career as an audio engineer, DJ, or musician in small to average venues.

Beginners also don’t have to worry as this speaker is easy to use and connects with other audio equipment.

You can easily pair this speaker with a subwoofer for huge nightclubs to exhibit excellent bass performance.

Being a PA speaker, the Alto 15 is perfect for you if you want to organize a vast outdoor event.

However, you should use more than one Alto 15 speaker or combine one with other equipment for huge venues.

This speaker is also excellent for casual karaoke sessions and dance music during parties.

What’s Included?

The Alto 15 comes in a simple box with a speaker’s picture and essential details printed. Aside from the speaker Inside, you’ll also get the cable connector.

The packaging also includes a user guide and safety & warranty manual.

Don’t worry if you accidentally throw the user guide with the box since you can get an online manual from the internet.

The user manual illustrates connections you can make when using the Alto 15.

According to it, the powered speaker can accommodate both balanced and unbalanced connections.

You can also find diagrams for connecting Alto 15 to two loudspeakers or using it for two loudspeakers and two extensions in the manual.

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Overview of the Features

Since it’s a 15-inch woofer and an active ported loudspeaker, you’ll be quite surprised at how many features the Alto 15 packs.

Let’s find out whether the Alto TX15 will suit your audio system preferences.

  • Extensive Range

The speaker transports a 15-inch low-frequency driver, 1-inch high-frequency driver, and 2-inch voice coil, allowing it to deliver precise low-frequency control and accurate bass.

It has the most extensive range among the speakers in the TX Series Powered Speakers of Alto Professional (TX8 and TX12).

Moreover, it boasts bi-amplified power that improves the overall sound to produce clearer, stronger bass and more precise highs.

The TX Series is also classified as a Class D power amplifier, which typically boasts energy efficiency, more compact builds, and easier installation.

The maximum output power of the Alto 15 also stands at 600 watts at peak power and 300 watts with continuous power.

It can also reach a top sound pressure level of 119dB at one-meter range audio.

Its crossover frequency measures up to 2,200 Hz with a frequency response from 65 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

  • Easy to Connect

As powerful as it sounds, Alto 15 is relatively less complicated with its custom setup feature, enabling it to connect with multiple speaker cabinets.

It has two available connectors: XLR line or mic input and XLR link output.

With multiple input jacks, the Alto 15 allows plugging a musical instrument without using a mixer.

Although the Alto 15 Powered Speakers produce high-quality audio independently, you can explore other sound qualities by connecting it to other audio equipment.

  • Connect to a Mixer Console

Alto 15 can be connected to a mixer to adjust mic inputs and speaker outputs.

Be careful, though, since the Alto 15 should not be used with powered mixers with jacks labeled as “Speaker Out.”

Doing so might damage both the speaker and the amplifier since the speaker can’t support the electrical energy from the powered mixer.

You can use balanced and unbalanced connections to connect Alto 15 with a powered mixer.

An unbalanced connection conducts the sound signal and shielding in two different conductors. However, this type of connection is more prone to sound distortion.

A balanced connection, on the other hand, is best used to pair these two pieces of equipment.

It has positive, negative, and grounding cables that give you better noise suppression than the unbalanced connection.

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  • Connect to a Transmitter-Receiver

You can also try connecting your Alto 15 to a transmitter-receiver and use it for distanced communication. You can do this in two easy steps.

First, you should insert a receiver with spring clips around the terminal hole where you should insert the transmitter wires.

Connect four wires to their respective terminals in the transmitter: red wires for the right connection and black wires for the left connection.

Next, attach the receiver clips to the Alto 15. You can easily do this by plugging in the jacks with an available jack connection in the receiver.

  • Connect to a Subwoofer

Connecting your Alto 15 to a subwoofer improves stereo imaging and makes the sound dynamics more engaging.

Check the input and output of the Alto 15 and the subwoofer to determine the necessary cables. You can use cable adapters to make the proper connections between the equipment.

Simply plug the cables into the subwoofer’s input and the other end into your Alto 15’s output.

  • Connect to a Television

You can also connect the Alto 15 to your home theaters or television for an upgraded audio experience.

Check the audio output ports of the television and get the necessary cables.

A TV can have an RCA Line Out, HDMI (ARC), digital optical output, a 3.5mm audio jack, or a Bluetooth connection.

Connect the cables from the television’s output to Alto 15’s input. Use the appropriate audio connectors to reduce the risk of damaging the television and the speaker.

  • Versatile Placement

Alto 15’s housing features an enclosed trapezoidal hard plastic with two side handles.

This rugged construction also features rubber feet and a metal grille, allowing the Alto 15 to be mounted in a 36 mm standard pole mount.

However, you will have to purchase this pole mount separately.

You can also position it upright to fit a small space because of its trapezoidal shape and compact design.

  • Unique Control Features

Its external controls have a typical commercial setup with one volume knob, switch, and input plug. 

Additionally, it has a line output and two buttons for two different functions: the contour button and the ground button.

While the contour button is for a monitor setup style, the ground button is for injecting ground into the speaker.

The ground button is one of the speaker’s best features for audio with humming sounds.

  • Overload Protection

Alto 15 also boasts built-in electronic protection to prevent unwanted overloading. This includes thermal and overload protectors with built-in analog limiters and compressors.

It also has an ETL certificate at the rear panel as an added safety bonus.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Alto 15 Speakers

Like all other active speakers, the Alto 15 requires proper maintenance and control.

Before using the speakers, it’s essential that you first familiarize yourself with the external controls as well as the causes of degradation.

What Causes Speakers to Degrade?

Top-quality powered speakers like Alto 15 can last long if maintained properly. Factors like the material, placement, usage, and connected equipment can affect the speaker’s lifespan.

  1. Physical Damage

Damage to the external features of the speaker also affects its performance. Accidentally piercing the speakers might damage the internal structure, as well.

Dropping and mishandling the speakers can also cause physical damage.

  1. Power Surges and Overloading

Constant usage of the speakers can cause the voice coil to melt and cause mechanical damage. This also refers to overloading the speaker.

Luckily, Alto 15 has built-in electronic protection that contributes to maintaining this speaker.

  1. Loosening Connections

Connections in the speakers’ internal structure might loosen, but soldering can fix this. However, constant loosening of connections can reduce the speaker’s overall performance.

  1. Cone Degradation

The speaker’s cone is the part that pushes and pulls when it produces sound. There are built-in cone protectors in the speakers.

However, exposure to different weather conditions might cause damage to the cones. This deterioration happens over time.

  1. Electronics Wearing Out

The internal components of the speaker gradually wear out over time. The crossover networks are prone to wear out earlier than other components.

This could eventually lead to distortion in the sound produced by the speaker.

How Do You Maintain Powered Speakers?

  • Check out the following tips for keeping your Alto 15 speakers in tiptop shape:
  • Always remove dust off of the speakers to prevent build-up.
  • Avoid humid environments as it could cause moisture to affect the speakers.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use a voltage regulator to prevent damage resulting from power surges.
  • Make sure to have good ventilation in the speaker’s area.

How Do You Use the Alto 15 Correctly?

While you can find a shortened manual on the rear side of the Alto 15, the included user guide can provide more in-depth illustrations.

Step 1. After reading the manual, plug the power cable into the AC input and connect to a power outlet.

Always check that the power switch is turned off before plugging or unplugging the cable and the volume at its lowest (counterclockwise).

Step 2. Plug in the mixer’s main outputs to each of the inputs of the two loudspeakers. The input selector of the loudspeakers should be set to Line.

Step 3. Wire the output ports of the two loudspeakers connected to the mixer to the input of the two extension speakers.

Step 4. Consider all safety precautions.

Remember that when setting up an audio system with the Alto 15, you must know the wire connections to achieve your desired audio output.

Also, avoid extremely high noise levels when using Alto 15 Powered Speakers close to the audience in an enclosed venue.

If you’re not careful, there’s a risk of hearing impairments, so check the product guides for this concern.

Lastly, the speakers or their mounts should be installed on a flat and stable surface using an appropriate pole that can withstand the speaker’s weight.

Alto 15 should also be plugged in and installed using the appropriate electrical and building codes. Organize the cords and wires to prevent accidents and trip hazards.


With Alto 15’s powerful features, people might find it overwhelming to use, especially if they are looking for speakers to use at home.

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This speaker has more compact versions: Alto TX8 and Alto TX12. These two versions are preferred in smaller venues and for personal use.

Is the Alto 15 Right For You?

We hope you have enjoyed our Alto 15 Powered Speakers review.

That said, you might still be at a crossroads in choosing whether it is the most suitable piece of equipment for your setup.

If you are looking for a loudspeaker with a power amplifier, the Alto 15 speaker can give you reliable performance.

It can also provide you with high sound quality at a competitive price.

Gain access to all of its connectivity features, but don’t forget to keep it in excellent condition.

Otherwise, you might consider more affordable alternatives requiring little to no maintenance.

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