Best Mixer for Powered Speakers 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Powered mixers are mostly used with passive speakers, but new mixers have built-in features that allow them to be used with active speakers.

You can bypass the amplifiers in active speakers or the powered mixers through advanced controls. These mixers enhance the audio quality without damaging the speakers through high-powered audio signals.

But you must be careful only to use a mixer with the option to work with a powered speaker set.

Let’s see which is the best mixer for powered speakers suitable for different venues to get the best sound quality.

The products reviewed contain analog and digital mixers and produce incredible sound quality in large gatherings.

Comparison Chart

51J5ZEdLMbL. SL500
Rockville 12 Channel 4800w Powered Mixer
51E3maO0ciL. SL500
Yamaha MG16 16-Input 6-Bus Mixer
51k4EAIQM L. SL500
TFCFL Audio Mixer 8 Channel
510MymeeOML. SL500
Gemini GEM-12USB Professional Mixer
Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console System

Best Mixer for Powered Speakers: A Review

1. Rockville RPM109 Powered Mixer

51J5ZEdLMbL. SL500

RPM109 is one of the loudest mixers, with a clean and clear sound. It’s a twelve-channel powered mixer with a wood cabinet and has an LCD with USB/SD input.

You can use XLR speaker cables when using active speakers.

With a built-in amplifier, you can use it with passive speakers, but it’s also great with active ones. The mixer is compatible with most speaker designs.

RPM 109 is your mixer if you want incredibly clean sound, even at 100% volume.

Product Highlights

Rockville RPM109 has some of the best features among audio mixers. Unlike unpowered mixers, it has a built-in amplifier.

Let’s see what other features the mixer has.

  • High-End Mixer

RPM 109 is among the modern mixers with built-in Bluetooth playback.

It gives you much more control with its 12 channels (six mono channels and three stereo channels).

Each channel has three-band EQ to set up high, medium, and low frequencies.

These controls allow you to control the sound quality and give more clarity or body depending on the arena.

  • Clip Lights

Each channel has a clip LED light that will flash on if your digital signal is too loud or distorted from your sound sources.

You can fix that by lowering the level of your channels.

You can press the pad button right under the LED light, which adjusts the signal frequency level if you are coming too loud.

  • Volume Levels

The Rockville RPM109 Powered Mixer has a dynamic range for volume control through graphic equalizers.

The seven-band graphic equalizer works wonders when you want to control the EQ of the overall mix.

If you are using the mixer for an acoustic guitar recording in a closed arena, these controls will help you adjust the EQ and frequency.

  • Price Bracket

With balanced lines, power amps for bass guitars, cable runs, and Bluetooth connectivity, the Rockville RPM109 Powered Mixer is the best choice for this price.

It allows you more controls than powered speakers or an external amplifier and has much more power than a digital mixer.

What We Like

What we love the most is that the mixer is easy to set up with passive and active speakers.

You can plug in the two-quarter-inch line outputs from the front of the mixer with active speakers.

These are not powered outputs, so you can use them with powered speakers, subwoofers, or other powered mixtures.

What We Don’t Like

The Rockville RPM109 Powered Mixer has very small knobs, which make it difficult to configure the audio, especially when changing frequently.

The knobs are also similar in color and have the same design, making them identical and, thus, difficult to use.


  • Perfect solution for medium venues
  • Graphic equalizer for better controls
  • Adjustable for powered PA speaker
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity


  • Control knobs are smaller in size
  • The actual output watt is lower than 4800

2. Yamaha MG16

Yamaha is the best brand in musical equipment and has been around for over a hundred years.

Its products feature in all the major events worldwide and enjoy unparalleled trust from musicians and technicians alike.

This mixer, Yamaha MG16, is no different and is a continuation of the great tradition of Yamaha to produce high-quality, trusted instruments.

Product Highlights

Yamaha MG16 has many desirable traits, including a balanced sound, plenty of volume, a wide range of volume controls, and adjustable band settings.

It is available within an affordable range, and the mixer produces premium sound in large and full venues with minimum audio equipment.

  • Easy Controls

At first glance, the mixer seems complicated, with too many buttons on the panel, but it’s pretty simple and only takes an hour or so to grasp its complete console fully.

It follows a simple idea; individual channels from top to bottom control the device you plug in at the top port.

  • Efficient Two-Way System

The Yamaha Mg16 has input and output control at the back, which is among the best in the market.

They allow you to connect multiple input and output devices simultaneously.

You can also connect auxiliary cables at the back for stage monitors to enable the musicians to hear themselves play.

  • Built-in SPX Digital Effects

This mixer has Yamaha’s signature built-in SPX digital effects, allowing you to create effects such as delay and reverberation.

You can also preview these effects in real time and edit them by adjusting the audio.

These effects are equally great for musical and non-musical applications.

  • Knob Compressors

If you are working in a sound reinforcement environment where you need compression, you can use knob compressors.

These knobs alter the audio signal for guitars, bass lines, and tighter snare.

Although the mixer makes it easier to master the compression, getting the settings right can still take some time.

What We Like

We love that the Yamaha Mg16 is simple enough for portable use but complex enough to power large gatherings.

It has a lightweight, compact design with all the controls you need for great sound quality. Its built-in effects are some of the best in the market.

What We Don’t Like

The audio quality for mono output is wonderful, but there are better options in stereo output than this mixer.

If you are using MG16 for concerts or open-air events, it’s one of the best options.

If you are using a simple system with two speakers, you may find the audio quality inferior.


  • High-quality knobs for easy operation
  • Phantom power for condenser mics
  • Built-in SFX effects for the pedal-less play
  • High-quality sound operational amplifier


  • USB output is low
  • Noise while recording on a mic

3. TFCFL Audio Mixer 8 Channel

51k4EAIQM L. SL500

TFCFL produces high-quality music equipment, and this audio mixer is no exception. It supports eight channels and has Bluetooth connectivity.

It takes only a few minutes to set this mixer up with its gold-plated XLRs and metal jacks.

The TFCFL Audio Mixer 8 Channel mixer does not have a built-in amplifier, making it an excellent choice for active speakers.

You can connect an external amplifier if your speakers have limited amp capacity.

Product Highlights

The console is lighter in weight and on your budget, which makes it a good option for small-scale events.

New musicians and people working with medium systems in public places can also use this mixer.

This 8-channel mixer console contains mic/line input, three-band EQ, volume control at the bottom, channel signal lights, and dynamic mic connectivity.

You can also connect the condenser microphone to the console.

  • Bluetooth and MP3 Streaming

The TFCFL Audio Mixer 8 Channel has USB and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as USB playback and recording functions in MP3.

The controls are simple, with an LED display, and you can change the language of the mixer through the LED controls.

You can connect your phone directly to the mixer and other Bluetooth devices for playback and recording.

Its functions make it one of the best passive mixers in the market.

  • Easy to Operate

The console does not have advanced functions, so it’s simple to operate, even for beginners.

Controls are organized logically from top to bottom, making remembering them easier.

It performs much better than a built-in two-channel mixer, but the controls are similar, so you can easily manipulate the audio.

  • Ultra-Thin Design

The console is just 1.4 inches thick and has a rugged design, making the console a perfect option for traveling and frequent movement.

The sound quality is crisp and clear despite the simple and sleek design.

  • Mono and Stereo Input

The console is perfect for Mono and Stereo requirements, providing a seamless experience.

It allows multi-channel input with both balanced and unbalanced options.

You can connect multiple devices, such as microphones, guitars, and other instruments.

It’s also great for home karaoke, stage presentations, and lectures.

What We Like

The TFCFL Audio Mixer 8 Channel is a simple solution for smaller events, especially since it is lightweight.

The functions work well for events like church gatherings, motivational speeches, and studio recordings.

The console works well with active and passive speakers and connects well with an external amplifier.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, the TFCFL Audio Mixer 8 Channel has no advanced functionalities available like with Rockville RPM109, and the functions are basic for professionals.

The mixer also has smaller ranges for connectivity and may not suit your needs if you are looking for wireless connectivity.


  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Contains all basic functions
  • Good sound quality for small events


  • Bluetooth range is limited
  • Not suitable for professional DJs

4. Gemini GEM-12USB DJ Mixer

510MymeeOML. SL500

Gemini has been making musical instruments since the 1970s. Their products include controllers, speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and many more.

They were out of the mixer game for a while but have recently introduced this powerful GEM-12 DJ Mixer.

It has three-band EQ controls for low, medium, and high settings for the first four channels.

The mixer has a small light that shows the peak for each channel and controls for effects.

Product Highlights

GEM-12 is among the first line of mixers by Gemini to feature Bluetooth connectivity which makes it pretty special.

The unit is a small, portable package which makes it easier to transport.

Let’s look at some of the premium features of the Gemini GEM-12USB DJ Mixer.

  • Master Controls

If we start at the top left of the mixer, we have a three-pin XLR at the top and a quarter-inch line under it. Next is the gain setting knob, which is smaller but works fine.

There is also a low-cut button at 75 Hz just above the three band controls for each channel.

You can also pan and balance the channels with a pan knob. You can move the sound to the left or the right using this knob.

  • Powerful Effects

GEM-12 is a mixer for every occasion since it has 16 effects, such as noise cancellation, delay, chorus, and vocal cancellation.

There is a separate knob for effects and a list from where you can select your desired effect. The main knob blends in all the effects with DSP selection.

  • Clean Sound

The Gemini GEM-12USB DJ Mixer has a wonderfully clean and clear sound, even at high volumes.

It’s suitable for karaoke, stage performances, church gatherings, and lectures.

Dedicated volume control gives you a better command over sound output and allows customization.

  • Compact Design

The Gemini GEM-12USB DJ Mixer has one of the smallest and slimmest designs and only weighs 3.7 pounds.

You can even put it in your backpack for traveling. It’s only 2.17” thick and is around 9×9 inches.

The rugged chassis is well-suited for transportation and on-stage performances. Despite being small in size, the mixer has all the necessary features.

What We Like

We love that the Gemini GEM-12USB DJ Mixer has a small and compact design, but it does not fall short on features.

The make of console is sturdy and professional, and the finishing is pretty neat.

The knobs are of good size and have optimum pressure to rotate them comfortably.

What We Don’t Like

The only Gemini GEM-12USB DJ Mixer feature that bothers DJs is the small knob for the gain setting. It is right under the quarter-inch line and is too small.

Although you don’t use it too often, when you do, your fingers touch the overhead line, which does not impress you at all.


  • Peak lights for first six-channel
  • Two-channel in and out
  • Mic preamp for the premium sound quality on stage
  • Built-in sound effect controls


  • Grouping of channels from seven onwards
  • No notation on the knobs for channels eleven and twelve

5. Pyle Professional PMXU43BT Audio Mixer

If you know Pyle, you know that they are a company for parties. They love to produce musical equipment that sparks up our social life.

This mixer is in line with that tradition. It’s a simple design, and many newcomers sometimes miss or ignore how powerful it is.

But the pros know it’s a great piece for a DJ.

Product Highlights

The PMXU43BT mixer has four channels with two mic inputs and two line inputs. It also has built-in Bluetooth, an audio interface, and recording functions.

It also connects the USB cable to a PC and Mac for recording and playback. If you’re hosting a podcast, PMXU43BT is best for you.

  • Bluetooth and USB Connection

Pyle has given advanced features in this 4-channel mixer, including Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

You can stream directly from the mixer by connecting it to iPhone, Android, or Windows PC.

You can also use the USB connectivity to connect your Mac or PC to the mixer. This option also allows you to play directly from the USB.

  • Mic and Line Inputs

You can find two mic inputs at the top right corner of the Pyle Professional PMXU43BT Audio Mixer.

There’s also a pad button under the mic input port to increase or decrease by 26 dB.

The lines support XLR and are unbalanced 1/4″. Ultra-low noise and high headroom make the mixer a must-have for DJs.

  • Rugged Steel Chassis

The Pyle PMXU43BT is a small and compact mixer you can carry around in your backpack or suitcase if you travel a lot.

The steel chassis keeps the mixer safe from scratches. The knobs are also of good quality and work well even after years.

What We Like

The sound quality of the Pyle Professional PMXU43BT Audio Mixer works well with powered speakers.

The functions give you complete control over audio output, and effects such as delay and reverberation make it sound professional.

What We Don’t Like

The mixer is great value for the money, but it has only four channels, limiting your ability to perform for a large audience even with multiple channels.


  • Compact design
  • External connectivity easy
  • Direct streaming from Mac and Windows
  • Dedicated control for stereo output


  • The USB connection port needs improvement
  • Bluetooth range is smaller than many mixers

Choosing the Right Mixer for Powered Mixers

The market is flooded with mixer brands, each claiming to provide the best solution to your needs.

But only you can tell what your needs are and which mixer best suits them.

If you’re a complete beginner, here are some key features you should check in a mixer before making a purchase:


Are you frequently on the road? Or are you at a fixed location where people come to you?

In the first case, you’ll need a portable mixer that is smaller in size and lightweight.

If you don’t need to move around too much, you can save some bucks and buy a heavier mixer with more options.


It’s better to choose a mixer with dedicated EQ controls. Although a mixer with three-band equalizer controls can also work well for simple jobs, a professional should always have more control over the audio output.

If you are working with professional bands and musicians, you must buy a mixer with EQ controls.

Speakers Compatibility

Since you are buying a mixer for powered speakers, you must check whether it is compatible with active speakers.

It can be a passive mixer without power, or it should have connection options so you can connect it with active speakers.

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth and USB connectivity are now common in mixers, but some old designs still do not have these options.

You can compromise on connectivity if you are always working with bands, and connectivity is only through cables.

However, for podcast hosts or streamers, wireless connectivity is a must-have.

Price Range

Price and functionality are usually opposite to each other, so you’ll have to choose one over the other.

If you are a professional, you cannot compromise on quality so go for the mixer with maximum features even if you think you may not need them at the moment.

FAQs About Mixers for Powered Speakers

1. What does an audio mixer do?

An audio mixer gets input audio from a source, combines and processes that audio, and transmits it to an output device.

Some mixers have built-in amplifiers which modify the audio signal, while others need an external amp.

2. Why do I need an audio mixer?

If you are working with multiple sound sources, such as mics, guitars, and pianos, a mixer will mix those sources and give out unified audio.

Mixers also add sound effects such as delay and reverb.

3. Which audio mixer is best?

If you are working with multiple channels and complex audio, Rockville RPM109 is the best mixer for you.

For studio recording or streaming, you can rely on Pyle PMXU43BT, which has Bluetooth and USB connectivity and is less expensive.

4. Does an audio mixer improve sound quality?

A mixer can enhance the audio signal during recording and can help you add effects during the playback.

You can edit songs through a mixer which also improves audio quality.

That said, it all depends on the available functions on the mixer console.

5. Do I need an equalizer if I have a mixer?

If your mixer has detailed functions for EQ, you may not need an external equalizer.

A mixer is also unnecessary when you only mix two audio signals without editing.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know the list of best mixers for powered speakers and their specifications. You can select the one that best suits your requirements.

If you are hosting a large event with multiple audio sources, the best mixer for powered speakers is Rockville RPM109 Powered Mixer.

For medium venues such as lectures, church gatherings, and community events, Gemini GEM-12 is the best mixer.

You can use the smaller PylePMXU43BT mixer to record a podcast or stream on YouTube.

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